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  • Orientalism in Movies

    This week join your hosts while they talk about different ways Orientalism has creeped into pop-culture for the past few centuries. They chat Mulan, Freaky Friday, and Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s ...

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    Orientalism in Movies
  • Cults & Charismatic Leaders

    Ever wonder what it is about cult leaders that draw people to them? This week, join your hosts Rachel, Steph, and Jacqueline as they dive deep into the charismatic leader and what makes people so ...

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    Cults & Charismatic Leaders
  • Pancake Tuesday & a Casual Catch-Up with the Hosts

    This week, join all three of your hosts while they have some pancakes and catch up! We talk a bit about the history of pancake Tuesday – and then get into what we’ve been up to lately, some awesome ...

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    Pancake Tuesday & a Casual Catch-Up with the Hosts
  • Religion in Diet Culture

    This week, join Rachel and Steph as they discuss all things eating and not-eating and how it relates to religion. They give some historical examples of fasting and other ascetic practices, but also ...

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    Religion in Diet Culture

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